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What Can CBD do for me?

First of all, I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice, but I do want to talk to you about a revolution in the health industry. CBD is being touted to help almost everything you can think of!

Now I can’t make any claims about whether CBD can treat any particular disease and, honestly, you shouldn’t take my word for it. You will have to do your own research about what CBD can do for you, as I have. You will not be disappointed!

But, to get you started, here is a quick read, from a Harvard Medical School Medical Doctor talking about the benefits of CBD. YOU SHOULD READ THIS POST!

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a plant-based compound found in hemp.

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system and there are cannabinoid receptors throughout your whole body. These receptors regulate and have powerful effects on  hormones, nerves, digestion, pain, stress, and the brain.

Researchers are calling the Endocannabinoid system “The Great Regulator” and “the new frontier of plant based medicine”.

A common misconception is that using CBD will get you high. Run-of-the-mill and cheap CBD oils contain THC, a psychoactive compound. Pure CBD isolate contains zero-percent (0%) THC, so it does not have psychoactive effects.

From what I’ve researched, CBD is now federally legal in the USA and all 50 States seem to have legalized hemp based CBD. Please double check your state’s laws to be sure.


Nature's Ultra CBD

Now, I want to talk to you about some products from Nature’s Ultra, a Young Living Essential Oils Company. Young Living is the undisputed world leader in high quality essential oils. 

Like many of their other products, Young Living actually grows their own hemp on high altitude farms in Colorado that are dedicated to sustainable farming practices. They do not simply just purchase the cheapest hemp oil off the market to repackage and resell. Their farms are pesticide free and all products are rigorously tested to ensure it’s free of heavy metals and pesticides. As a consumer, you can actually visit their farms! Try that with any other CBD producer. All products are also 3rd party tested for purity and potency

Of course Young Living CBD is 100% pure CBD isolate, meaning it is the absolute highest quality CBD and contains zero percent (0%) THC. Young Living then adds their 100% pure therapeutic essential oils to regain the spectrum effects touted by “full spectrum” CBD producers.

CBD Quality Matters

Cheap CBD is everywhere nowadays. You can probably find it in your pharmacy or grocery store. But, the problem is that the cheaper it is, generally the more THC, pesticides, and heavy metals it has.  

You don’t want to just buy some random brand CBD. Many of these brands are just not safe. Get your CBD from a trusted source – Young Living with their Seed-to-Seal Quality Guarantee. Young Living is so confident in their product, they offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can’t beat that!

If you want to experience the healing power of pure CBD and essential oils (or are interested in being an independent distributor like me so you can work from home and promote a healthy product), click on the Get Started button below. 

Also, for the timebeing, Young Living only ships CBD within the United States. We will let you know when the worlds best CBD product becomes available in your country!,


If you have questions about getting started with Young Living or if you want to become an independent distributor like me then just pop me an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.